Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why Another Photography Blog?

This blog will mostly focus on studio photography and lighting techniques and this will be my personal notebook. I will discuss some of the photos I have taken and make notes of the light and camera setup in my studio. Where was the key light? What was the f-stop? Which lens did I use? Right. I realized I needed a blog. It is mostly for myself and a small circle of friend photographers, but why not make it public?

These days I am mostly interested in black and white portrait photography, with an eye on the Hollywood style of the 30ies-50ies. I love images with a lot of contrast and the ageless glamour that is associated with work of that period. But I am often distracted by work of more modern photographers and sometimes I will try to "reverse engineer" photos I have seen on magazines and on the web.

Oh yes, me. I am a Seattle based photographer, but my main job has to do with science. Intriguingly enough it still deals with light and darkness.

My photography website is here: