Friday, October 12, 2007

The New Bogart

This image is a remake of a famous portrait of Humphrey Bogart, taken in 1942 by "Scotty" Welbourne. (will post the original as well).

I did not have a light trenchcoat so the background is dark. The setting is simple: a low key (nose shadow) on camera right, a more central fill, and a kicker for the back.


-blurred the lower part of the trenchcoat+tie over 1-2 pixels.
-added a bluish duotone

I like the final image, but think the results are mixed and I would do better now:

- lighter background and coat 'd have made shadows more dramatic
-I can't really see the back kicker...
- the mouth shadow is too horizontal and "Joker like"
-I could have emphasized the eye wrinkles more if the key had been more on camera right.
- I did get the key height right though, the nose shadow is good.

The light scheme is at the top. (Used the Kertz psd file!)

Model Credit: Chris.

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