Friday, October 12, 2007

The Studio

My studio is about 230 sq.feet, with a 12' ceiling and 4 large windows on 2 sides and wood floors. The equipment is in between the minimalism of "the Strobist" and that of a professional studio.

As for Dec 2008 (updated)


Strobes: 2 x800wsec 1 x 400wsec (Alien Bees)
1 Vivitar 285HV
1 Canon 580x II
2 Qflashes

Light modifiers:

1 large Octabox (Alien Bees)
1 rectangular softbox (Alien Bees)
1 snoot (the 6$ PVC DIY version)
1 white reflector

Electronics and Glass:
Rebel XT '06
50mm f1.8 Canon lens.
24-70mm f2.8 Canon
those cheapo Honk Hong wireles triggers. 3 slaves+ 1 master.
2 Pocket Wizards

Hardware (like in steel..): a great ceiling rail system I got from an Amvona super sale.



We are talking about $4.5k total.

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