Monday, March 31, 2008

High Key and Others.

Sunday I explored a range of styles, with some loose inspiration from W magazine and Christine Kessler work: bold colors and accessories, strong lights, often with a simple silver umbrella+flash as the main source and backgrounds with saturated colors.

1-First try in the "Green Room". ISO 200, f 4.5, 22mm 1/160th. In Lightroom: +Vibrance and Green Saturation. Less global Saturation. Darks -30. Yeah Punchy. A bit of Liquify to make the coat fit better. The light scheme is here.

2-The Couch. (Note: people seem to like this one) The trick here is to keep the couch a few feet away from the red wall. No Shadows! Two softboxes (see scheme) and the umbrella in the back as extra fill. ISO 100, 27mm, f9, 1/160th.

The vignetting was added in post production.

3-High Key. This was shot in a corridor overlooking the studio. The big flashes where all at max power in the room behind the model. I used the Vivitar+silver Umbrella as fill at 1/16th and several feet away, with a blue filter to make the scene a bit colder, as the reflections from the studio wall + sunlight (see below) where yellowish. I do not think the filter mattered much in post production. Iso400 (that was silly) 27mm, f5.0, 1/160th. With these settings there was additional sun light from the outside. Model: Angela A.