Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday Morning, 6AM: never say never.

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband  is a really good  North West based band that I photographed late this Summer on a bright sunny morning.  The Sun provided plenty of backlight and it was windy, so I just added a key light high on camera left (an Einstein head with a large diffuser), a pretty standard set up that is easy to work with two assistants who know what to do (hey Danny and Ashley).

This set  is a good example of how sometimes I try an idea on a test shoot and then I apply it
with a client. The image I blogged about a few months ago used a distressed background and warm colors  to give the feeling of 'Old West'*

The BBBs loved the idea ...and just added the owl and the Budda's head. They were also adventurous enough  to stand in the water with their instruments for the sake of making the image more captivating. We were done by 10am, just in time for brunch...

*I made sure to keep a standard, 'clean' version in the archive, just in case!