Sunday, August 30, 2015


I have a small backlog of posts I need to write up. Here is  one I got to finish: a mini shoot I have done while helping  Kate Powell (art director)  and Adrian Rae (main photographer) on their main assignment. The theme was centered on the  moon and so we selected a full moon night and shot at different locations. For these simple images I used a speed light with a very very long snoot, hand held on a boom. I used gel to color balance the light (the filter was actually a light orange, as the ambient light  was very orange... due to street light).  The speedlight turned out to be a good alternative to more powerful systems, as the area to be lit was very small and I did not want any spill. Exposure times were  long, a good chunk of a second. Colors were shifted around in Lightroom. The superimposed nature  prints are from 19th century Japanese artists. Last but not least, Michaela (HMUA) and Mikayla (Model) did a great job.